Doctor Humphreys To work In the Ministry Of Health As A Consultant

The Minister of Health, in his continuing quest to find a solution to the Dr. Humphreys’ debacle, invited the Medical Council, and the lawyers representing Dr. Humphreys, to the Cabinet. The Council had an opportunity to explain fully to the Cabinet the rationale which led to the de-registration of Humphrey’s license to practice, and the reason for requiring Dr. Humphreys to take an exam. The lawyers explained the reasons why the matter had to go before the court. The amendment to the Medical Practitioners Act did not allow another remedy, except the courts, it was explained. A proposal was made to amend the current law in order to allow new doctors, with minimal resources, to challenge decisions of the Council using inexpensive means. The Cabinet agreed to consider this amendment in the near future. Meanwhile, Dr. Humphreys would not be able to earn a living practicing medicine unless he submits to an internship and takes an exam.  These two deficiencies were identified by the Court and the Council. The Minister made a proposal to bring Dr. Humphreys into the Ministry of Health as a Consultant during the period, while he pursues the remedies that would cause him to be registered as a doctor lawfully and entitled to practice medicine in Antigua and Barbuda. The proposal was accepted by Cabinet and permission was granted to the Minister to work out the terms.


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