Doc: Better to ask than wait for a kidney

A doctor, part of a medical team of a woman who received a kidney from her daughter and hence a new lease on life, says renal failure patients should be more willing to ask family and friends for a kidney.

“Don’t keep it quiet. Don’t wait for someone to come forward. We have that in our culture. We don’t want to ask, but we have to get over that. Too many times we have people say they are waiting for somebody to offer. But you have to be selfish,” said Dr Margaret O’Shea, kidney transplant surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

She was speaking after colleague Dr Nerrisa Jurawan made the case for kidney transplantation at the Rotary Club of Barbados’ weekly meeting recently at the Hilton Barbados.

As O’Shea echoed her co-surgeon’s sentiments, she said seeing a person’s life transformed after receiving a new kidney was “an amazing story to be a part of . . . especially after the surgery and they meet each other, oftentimes crying”.


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