DLP: Govt neglecting small businesses

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) says the Government is neglecting small businesses and wants to know how the money it said was for the sector is being disbursed.

Ryan Walters, the party’s spokesman on business and entrepreneurship, said that it was unclear how business persons can access the promised $30 million to support their ventures.

In the September 15, Throne Speech it was revealed that $20 million of the amount would be made available through FundAccess and $10 million through the Trust Loan Fund.

“However, there seems to be an apparent lack of communication and dialogue with major players in this sector and the average business owner on how the funds can be accessed. The Democratic Labour Party is asking once more, like it did more than a month ago, how will the $20 million to FundAccess and the $10 million to the Trust Loan Fund be used to assist small businesses,” said Walters. 


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