Dengue cases at Bustamante Hospital move to 9,000 in October

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) for the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Michelle Ann Richards Dawson, yesterday painted a grim picture of the dengue cases that the paediatric facility has been seeing.

There have been 19 dengue-related deaths recorded at the facility from January 2018 to November 21, according to the health ministry.

“As other hospitals which treat children with dengue the complications have been very dire and the outcomes have been fatal in some cases,” she told journalists at a Ministry of Health press conference.

She said the hospital has seen a significant increase in patients presenting with dengue symptoms, with the number of children being triaged in the accident and emergency department moving from 6,000 patients for the month of October (2018) alone, to 9,000 for October 2019.

“So we moved from 6,000 to 9,000 in the same capacity, infrastructure, staffing,” she pointed out.

Dr Richards Dawson said staff are continuously educated, given that there has been a declared outbreak from January 2019.


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