Dengue being ‘taken seriously’

BARBADOS REMAINS blessed following a close call with dengue but continued vigilance is a must.

During a media conference at Illaro Court, Two Mile Hill, St Michael, on Monday, acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George said the authorities were keeping a close eye on areas such as Graeme Hall Swamp in Christ Church, a major mosquito breeding ground.

“We have always looked at the swamp very, very carefully. We have two vectors in the swamp . . . and we continue to make sure that the southern part of Barbados is always fogged. Yes, we indicated in October the numbers [of those diagnosed with dengue fever] were a little higher than standard and we did meet the threshold for an outbreak but, fortunately, for November, those levels turned back to previous levels,” he said.

George said this did not mean Barbados was in the clear as there had been reported hospitalisations and deaths from mosquito borne diseases recorded in the region.


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