De Peiza’s challenge to PM on displaced workers

President of the Democratic Labour Party, Verla De Peiza, is calling on Government to speak up on the details of the promised fast-tracking of severance for former tourism workers.

And she wants Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley to give leadership on the industrial issues in order to calm the brewing unrest.

De Peiza’s comments came following her recent meeting with hotel workers, some of whom were involved in wildcat strikes over the non-payment of their severance monies. She also expressed concern about the treatment of the workers by their former employers.

“We call on the Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations [Colin Jordan] to give details regarding the promised fast track: are the tribunals already set up and functioning? What are the time limits for a matter to be heard? What is the time limit for payment? In respect of those who remained in work, what safeguards are there to protect the workers’ right to negotiate their contracts?” she asked. 


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