Day One Of The Seedlings Distribution Exercise Gets High Marks

It was easy ‘as Sunday morning’, ‘a smooth flow’ and’ very impressive’ were some of the words used by persons collecting seedlings to describe the ‘Farm Ah Ya Yard’ two-day National Seedling Distribution Exercise which got underway at various locations on Monday.

Making the rounds at the various locations, the encouraging feedback was shared not only by members of the public but by the organizers and those manning the distribution centers.

Members of The Farmers Forum group, theAntigua and Barbuda Red Cross and the Ministry of Agriculture including CARDI, collaborated on this well-orchestrated initiative in light of the covid-19 protocols which were strictly observed.

It was evident even before entering the distribution sites that things were well planned as all persons who were collecting seedlings were directed to the registration desk, then to another area to collect their seedlings which were already packaged and they were also given a brief talk on what the package entails of how to take care of the plants.

One lady recounts “It was very simple, it wasn’t a long process, I just came, I gave my name, they asked me for my ID and the guy came and gave me an explanation for the plants.”

At the Ottos Comprehensive School, VicePresident of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross Viveca Shadrack said that the process went very wellas they started promptly at 7.30am and by a little after 10, they were basically winding down.

Ms. Efuru Elihu and Mr. Milton Barnes represented the Ministry of Agriculture at the location and Elihu said that pumpkin, potato vine, cassava, okraand string beans were distributed.


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