Curfew To Remain In Place “For Security Reasons”

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Antigua & Barbuda’s curfew will remain in place even after the economy is reopened.

“The curfew will remain in place and primarily for security reasons,” the prime minister said in a radio interview from his home.

“Last thing we want is individuals roaming at nights and wearing a mask. It’s legal to wear a mask and that in itself could support the nefarious actors among us so we have to be very careful relaxing the curfew,” he added.

An armed robbery in Parham last week heightened fears over the mandatory wearing of masks to prevent the coronavirus.

Browne says while the curfew will remain in place it could be further relaxed.

“What we could do and we will consider next week is to possibly relax the hours in which for the day light hours maybe until 7 p.m to make sure it’s available to individuals so they can continue doing their business and maybe until 5 a.m. Give them another two maybe another 4 hours, so these are some of the discussions we will have next week to determine how we relax the curfew.”

The prime minister said the situation regarding COVID-19 is relatively stable” and we have to make sure that we continue to remain vigilant. Opening up the country’s economy is obviously very important for people’s livelihood and putting people back to work.”


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