Cummins: Horizon looks bright

Barbados’ tourism industry is set for major recovery.

After a devastating plunge in tourist arrivals as the COVID-19 pandemic brought global travel to its knees, Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins yesterday painted a hopeful picture for a significant rebound later this year.

She reported a significant increase in airlift out of major tourism source markets, a surge of interest by travellers from the United Kingdom wanting to visit Barbados since the island was placed on that country’s green list, and the prospect of new markets opening up in Africa and Asia.

Cummins gave a rundown on the status of the industry, its future and Government’s plans for expansion and improvement during a state of the industry media breakfast at Hilton Barbados.

She said Barbados was struggling to rebound from the industry’s global “free fall” over the last 15 months, with a mere 21 074 visitors coming here between January and July 11, which was 139 476 fewer than last year


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