Cries of blood, pain and suffering of Trinidadian citizens in the UK

Dear Minister:

Our continuous struggle here in the United Kingdom can be equated to pleading for freedom to return home before one of us die. We are once more pleading and begging for your assistance in granting us an exemption and giving us a date to return to our homeland and country, T&T.

It has been over 100 days we are locked out of our very own country with no valid reason.

We are citizens of T&T just like you and we should be treated fairly, equally and as human beings not as slaves. The Covid-19 curve has flattened and it’s time for us to return to our country now as we kindly ask, Minister, that you stop playing politics with us and allow us to return home.

Your generic monotonous and repetitious response to everyone who applies for exemption is that: “The borders of T&T are currently closed to both nationals and non-nationals and to continue to shelter in place.”

This statement, however, is impractical and magniloquent as it alludes to some degree of rhetoric fallacy to persons in need of assistance facing a medical crisis that is considered “life or death.”

Many of our citizens are now without funds for it’s a real challenge with the high currency exchange rate, no accommodation, food and other supplies, the mental stress of being stranded is by itself unimaginable to any person. Some of us are now facing both homelessness and starvation in the coming days with no help from our government.

The T&T governmemt has brought hardship and turmoil to its stranded nationals by totally ignoring them, allowing crying in mental anguish and suffering, without daily meals, medical supplies, medical treatment, accommodation, financial aid, lack of care packages, poor consideration and treatment and lack of communication from the Minister of National Security who seems to be thriving on separating rather than uniting families.

Our plea is a sad but true story that not only touches the heart but sensitises and exposes, the safe and sheltered like yourself, to see and understand the utter hell one must endure while being stranded. The real scuffle and desolation of a stranded Trini in the UK that I do not wish, not even for my worst enemy, to experience.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Freedom is the breath of life.”

But being stranded and locked out of your OWN country by an uncaring government due to a pandemic, defies this powerful statement. Freedom? What freedom? Right now we do not know what it is to be free.

In fact, we feel like caged, helpless birds. Every day we struggle just to remain calm. Every day we feel pain in every part of our anatomy. It hurt us deeply and we cry uncontrollably. We can’t even pray fervently without shedding tears of lost hope. By now (after 100 days), we feel as if we are ready to have a psych evaluation because nothing feels normal anymore.

Being alienated from your own country and government we voted for to serve us, and our loved ones drives anyone insane. But Minister Young, you may not know this, because you are happy and comfortable in your home surrounded by your family. This suffocation we feel is detrimental to our mental health.


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