Covid deaths tumble AGAIN for sixth week in a row despite rapid spread of Omicron: England and Wales see just 501 fatalities from virus in 20% weekly drop

Covid deaths have fallen for the sixth week in a row in England and Wales, according to official figures that show how Omicron has yet to trigger any uptick in fatalities. 

Office for National Statistics data today revealed the number of people dying with the virus dipped by 20 per cent in the seven days up to Christmas Eve, from 755 to 591. 

But just 501 of the victims were killed by the coronavirus — the smallest weekly toll since August, according to the surveillance report.   

Dr Raghib Ali, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge, said the fall in deaths was ‘good news’, arguing the ONS data offers a more accurate picture of the Omicron wave than the Government’s dashboard data.

Government data showed deaths within 28 days of a positive date increased 486 per cent to 334 today — but the figures are skewed because of a backlog of fatalities logged into the system over the festive period. 

And Dr Ali said the proportion of incidental admissions and deaths recorded in the Government’s figures is likely to increase due to Omicron’s prevalence.

Separate data from the ONS show England saw a record 3.3million people — one in 15 — infected with the virus on any given day in the week up to New Year’s Eve.

Experts fear record case numbers across the UK could cause unsustainable pressure on the NHS once they have had time to manifest as severe disease — despite a host of studies showing the super-mutant strain causes less intensive care admissions.


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