COVID-19 cases confirmed at Barbuda construction site

Barbuda Council Health Committee Press Release Suspected Cluster of CoVid-19 Cases among Construction Workers at the PLH/BOC work site in Barbuda.

The Barbuda Council CoVid-19 Taskforce was contacted by Health Officials of the CoVid-19 Surveillance Team at the Ministry of Health in Antigua and informed of one confirmed PCR CoVid19 case and four Positive rapid test CoVid-19 cases who were all employed at a Construction Company based at the Barbuda Ocean Club.

The Ministry of Health officials in Antigua were concerned that there is a possibility of a cluster of CoVid-19 cases at this Construction Company that is currently operating in Barbuda under the auspices of the PLH project.

The workers reside in Antigua and routinely travel to Barbuda to work. The individuals concerned are currently not on Barbuda. They were told to stay in Antigua since the onset of the incident.

The Barbuda Council CoVid-19 Taskforce was guided by the Health Officials at Ministry of Health in Antigua who recommended that the construction company cease all operations until an investigation and contact tracing is carried out to determine the magnitude of this spread.

The Barbuda Council and its Health Committee is very concerned by this latest development.

The Council has written to the Project President at PLH on January 14″, February Band February 9, On the latter occasion the Council requested of Mr Justin Wilshaw that operations at PLH and BOC be brought to a halt for fourteen days starting Friday February 12″.

The request was not complied with prompting the Council to instruct its attorneys to write to the PLH Project President on February 15″.

This latest development confirms the concerns held by the Council and people of Barbuda with regards to their vulnerability to the escalation in coronavirus cases.

The Barbuda Council is presently examining these latest developments and will make further adjustments in the measures to safeguard the health and safety of the community Again, we remind the Barbudan community that as cases continue to escalate in Antigua and the death of four individuals from CoVid-19 over the weekend the likelihood of the virus spreading in Barbuda increases.

We must therefore increase our vigilance and protect ourselves by adheri ng to the National CoVid-19 pandemic protocols that have recently been upgraded and those measures initiated by the Barbuda Council. Please continue to be safe.