Couple among four killed over weekend In Trinidad

Four murders, including a husband and wife, who were killed at their home in Cocorite on Saturday, have occurred so far this weekend.

In Cocorite, on Saturday around 9.25 pm Randy Ali, 54, along with his wife Cindy Charter, 50, of 5D Harding Place were shot dead while in the bedroom of their home. The couple lived downstairs of a pit level house where other relatives live on the upper floor. The relatives, who were home at the time heard the gunshots and when they ran downstairs to check on the couple they found them dead. Both of them, police said, were shot multiple times about their bodies.

A party of police officers were called to the scene and found both victims lying on the bedroom floor. Police said eight 9 mm spent shells and one deformed projectile were recovered from the scene.

The scene was also visited by Sen Supts Thompson and Butler, Supt Kirk, Sgt Telesford and Insp Simon of the Homicide Bureau. Sgt Francis of Homcide Region I is continuing investigations. Police, are, however, yet to determine a motive for the double murder.

Earlier that same night, at about 8 pm, Norman Benn, 49, of Henry Road, Tunapuna was at Rock Road in Las Lomas when he was chased after by a gunman.

Benn attempted to run into someone’s yard that housed the St Anthony’s Spiritual Baptist Church owned by Spiritual Leader Mother Celestine Sanoir, 56,  but was shot twice by the gunman. On hearing the gunshots Sanoir looked outside where she saw Benn lying face up in her yard. 

Police said Benn was shot in the chest and head. Police recovered seven sent shells from the scene. Benn’s body was viewed by the District Medical Officer who ordered its removal.

Benn’s vehicle, PCZ 6162 a silver and blue Hyundai Elantra was wrecked from the scene and taken to the Las Lomas Police Post.

On Friday, a man identified as Michael Daniel, 48, was shot while at his workplace at Franklyn’s Auto Body shop at Dyette Trace, Cunupia. Police said a man wearing a straw hat, a cream patterned shirt and a pair three-quarter pants entered the garage and shot Daniel several times before escaping.

Daniel was taken to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and subsequently died. Police are also yet to determine a motive for that killing.


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