Cops ‘save’ Christmas for St Mary woman, children

THE police in St Mary on Tuesday – Christmas Eve – came to the assistance of a struggling mother after a post they made went viral on social media.

The woman, Karen Samuels, of Dover in the parish, lost her home to fire approximately two years ago and has since struggled to get back on her feet.

A group of lawmen assigned to the Annotto Bay Police Station were reportedly on patrol in the area when they were told of the woman and her two sons’ living condition by neighbours.

The lawmen later made an appeal on social media platform Facebook, to which they received scores of responses, including pledges of assistance.

On Christmas Eve, the lawmen delivered a barrel of goodies to the family of three which was donated by the House Assembly of Praise in Brooklyn, New York.

Cash donations were also made to the woman, whom the police described as hard-working and resourceful.

“We discovered that her living condition was really bad. We’re talking about not just a makeshift structure or zinc roofs but dirt floor. It’s just a really poor situation and we thought that we really had to help. Since she lost her home in a fire some years ago she has not been able to pull herself together,” Sergeant Christopher Ward told the Jamaica Observer in a recent interview.

He also noted that plans are in place to further assist the family by building a small structure that is expected to be much better than what currently exists.

Sergeant Ward said already, materials for construction have been coming in and he is urging those who can assist to do so.

“We want to thank those who have assisted Karen and we want to encourage those who can, to offer assistance. This is a resourceful mother who uses her hand to make fashion and she needs all the help she can get,” Ward pleaded.


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