Cops probing Facebook threat against PM

Investigations are continuing into a threat of a $50,000 bounty allegedly put out on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The threat was posted to Facebook by a man who wrote on a Trini Buying and Selling page.

The post read: “Reward 50K to killed (sic) the Prime Minister, All Muslims and Rasta City Rise you all guns.”

The post went viral immediately reaching the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and prompting an immediate investigation including the involvement of the Cyber Crime Unit.

A police source told the Guardian Media that police officers are taking the post serious.

“It’s not something to ignore as police officers. It is a direct threat to the prime minister and it is also inciting violence and giving incentives to gang members who may very well pick up on it. So it will be treated seriously.”

Hours after the post went viral, another post was made, this time on WhatsApp stating that the initial post was a joke and just showed the level of frustration that the people in the country are feeling.

That post read: “I get ah good joke cause I post this in a resistance group, which should be an info and inspire group. The ppl get scared and make ah seen (sic) now I not endorsing this but I forwarded it to show the level of frustration ppl feeling. You know it is very vague to killed (sic) the prime minister of where or who, it could be the prime minister of sesame street. That is all I am saying be smart not scared.”


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