Barbadians have been snapping up fans and installing air-conditioning units to beat the heat. Some companies are reporting a rise in sales in the last couple of months and particularly in the past two weeks of the ongoing heatwave.

Shopsmart Inc.’s Mark Niles said the warehouse membership club was struggling to keep fans in stock as they were selling “so quickly”.

“We have seen an increase in the sales of fans and AC units as well,” he said, adding that bottled water purchases too, were up.

One Bridgetown store operator, who declined to be identified, said: “We’re only getting the more expensive fans for $120-$150 which are selling, but people want the cheaper, smaller metal, 10-inch fan for $35 or $40 or the bigger one for $50 and $55. Many people cannot afford the more expensive fan, but they want a fan to beat the heat.


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