Condition for schools’ return

If schools can show that they have an acceptable mix of public health protocols in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education can consider allowing them to have their students back on their plants for face-to-face classes in the next few weeks.

But this move that would involve six-foot distancing between pupils; high vaccination rates among students, teachers and parents; plus provision of hand sanitising stations; and swabbing by the Ministry of Education would have to be in compliance with standards set by the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit.

This was the word from Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw, who is Acting Prime Minister, when she spoke on Friday night at the first in the Let’s Talk series of virtual consultations with parents, teachers and other stakeholders hosted by her Ministry and the National Council of Parent Teacher Associations.

“If they can show they have the level of vaccination, making sure that the six-foot distancing can be accommodated and they have obviously accommodated their curriculum in such a way that they can teach the children at the school, then I think we are starting the preparatory stages to being able to reopen because I don’t think that we will come back from the six-foot at this time given Delta and the other variants that are out there,” she said.