Coming down

IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS, Liquidation Centre will be gone, but former owner of the business, Asha “Mrs Ram” Mirchandani, continues to cry foul that her years of work have been “destroyed”.

Demolition continued on June 14 with excavators knocking down large pieces of the building, located along Lower Bay Street, The City.

“Put yourself in my shoes and go sit on the beach there and see your building destroyed and how they mashing up everything; your heart would cry. I love this country and its people and I know the people will support me, but my biggest problem is people [Government] destroying 60 years of work, 30 of them in that building,” she said when contacted.

“We’re talking about Black Lives Matter and justice, but what about this? You [Government] haven’t given me a cent, but still mash up my property. All we’re asking is to be fair to us and give us what is owed to us under the Acquisition Act,” she said.


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