Coalition’s election petitions lack merit, likely to be dismissed – AG

(Inews Guyana) Attorney General Anil Nandlall is confident that the two election petitions filed by the APNU/AFC Coalition will be dismissed.

During an interview with reporters on the sidelines of an event at State House today, Nandlall expressed “I am confident that the petitions will be dismissed…hopefully they are heard and determined quickly and dismissed, disposed of.”

The case management conference of the petitions comes up on October 22 before Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George.

Nandlall, who is listed as a respondent, believes the arguments in the petitions are without merit.

“I have examined the petitions and, in my view, they lack merit,” he posited.

“The first one, in my view, deals with a whole host of issues that have already been determined. For example, the constitutionality of the recount order,” Nandlall reminded.

“In terms of the other petition, it relates to the allegations that we are all familiar with and those are the allegations that were made during the recount, that there were multiple voting and ghost voting and voter impersonation and that some of the statutory documents were missing.”

“All those issues were taken into account and the actual ballot counted, and that is what constituted the results,” the Attorney General reaffirmed.

The APNU/AFC has filed two election petitions both challenging the results of the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections and the National Recount that followed. However, notably absent from the petitions are the APNU/AFC Statements of Poll (SoPs).


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