Coalition will accept general election results and won’t tolerate political unrest- Granger

President David Granger on Thursday promised that the governing coalition would accept the results of the next general elections now widely expected any time after February, 2020.

“My government will respect the democratic will of the people. Anything contrary will be abhorrent to the values to which my coalition government subscribes. My government assures the business community today of its resolve to ensuring credible elections at the earliest time possible,” he told a business luncheon of the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GMSA).

Speaking with the media after addressing the luncheon, he confirmed receiving a correspondence from the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Retired Justice Claudette Singh that the elections machinery would be sufficiently oiled to hold elections any time after late February.

The President, who has accepted his administration’s caretaker status following the Caribbean Court of Justice’s validation of last December’s no-confidence motion, was Thursday afternoon expected to meet with his Cabinet to discuss the GECOM Chairman’s letter. He last week told a mission from the Carter Centre that he would act “decisively” in dissolving Parliament and announcing a date for general elections.

GECOM has already described a presentation on the work-plan by pro-government elections commissioner, Charles Corbin, as “comprehensive”.

The President’s assurance that his incumbent administration would accept the results of the general elections came almost two years after when in November 2017, he had told a People’s National Congress Reform meeting in Atlanta that the “big questions” for his People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) were gaining and retaining power.


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