‘Climate change is a far bigger problem than coronavirus’: Patrick Vallance warns Covid poses threat for ‘two to four years’ compared to up to 100 years for global warming

The climate crisis poses a far greater threat to humanity than Covid and could last a hundred years, according to the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor. 

In a stark warning from the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, Sir Patrick Vallance claimed global warming will kill more people than the pandemic if ‘behavioural changes’ are not made now.  

Telling the BBC that Covid poses a ‘two to four year problem’, he went on: ‘The reason I say it [climate] is a bigger problem is because in terms of the overall effect on humanity, if this is not stopped this will be a bigger, bigger challenge to the way we live and lives will be lost.’

He added: ‘If the green choice becomes the easy one, more people will be willing to change their behaviour.’ 

Though he did not specify what changes would need to be made, the Chief Scientific Advisor for Cop26 has previously supported reductions in meat eating and flying. 

Sir Patrick was an early promoter of lockdown and spearheaded the UK’s response to Covid. He regularly appeared alongside the Chief Medical Officer at Downing Street briefings, and is likely to remain prominent in his new green role. 


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