Clergy Men are Meeting this Week to Address Concerns Regarding the Government’s Exemptions to Rastafarians

A group of senior clergy men are expected to meet on Thursday to discuss religious exemptions from the government covid-19 vaccine. Senior member of the clergy, Bishop Charlesworth Browne reported that about 9 senior members of the clergy here will be attending the meeting.

“We will also consider when we meet later this week the glaring act of religious discrimination in offering the Rastafarian community exemption from the covid-19 vaccine. Because you cannot decide unilaterally that you are going to just give one religious group anything. Not necessarily speaking to the vaccine mandate situation, but you are discriminating if you’re going to say, “I will only do this for X Y Z group as the case may be.”

Browne says Rastafarians should not be given special privileges based on the type of religious umbrella they fall under. He went on further to say that all religious exemptions should be considered whether they are approved or denied .


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