CJ: Don’t waste my time

Chief Justice Ivor Archie threw blows at his critics yesterday, saying he simply did not have the time to reply to accusations that were based on false premises.

The judiciary is not in crisis, he said.

He said some people today feel a sense of empowerment by tearing down leaders and the institutions they lead even though those same individuals form part of the very body, having lost sight that by doing so they undermine their own legitimacy and contribute to weakening the society.

In addition, such action produces an environment that breeds division, disunity, self-loathing and the perpetuation of tribalism with all of its negative connotations.

So said Chief Justice Ivor Archie as he took a jab at his critics during his annual address at the opening of the new law term at the Convocation Hall of the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain yesterday.

This type of action reeks of selfishness and a lack of faith in, and respect for the institutions of the State, Archie said.


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