Citizenship by Investment

The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) strongly rejects the false claims in yet another unfounded attack in the online blog of two convicted money launderers, Ken Rijock and Monte Friesner.

In a May 21st posting, the two men state that a person by the name of Mohamad Ayad Ghazal, a Syrian national, was issued a passport through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The CIU is compelled, once again, to denounce the false information spread by Rijock and Friesner who have been carrying-out a campaign designed to damage the Citizenship by Investment programmes in the Caribbean for reasons best known to themselves.

The CIU advises that it has not approved citizenship or the grant of a passport to a person by the name of Mohamad Ayad Ghazal, nor does it have any record of his applying for citizenship.

Having dispensed with the falsehood of the claim concerning the CIU issuing Mr. Ghazal a passport, the CIU notes that the rest of the blog posted by Messrs. Rijock and Freisner is replete with gossip, unsubstantiated claims and malicious speculation that seeks to damage the reputation of Antigua and Barbuda generally.

Further, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has recalled all passports and are issuing new e-passports, containing all the biometric data of the holders, with effect from June 1st.

The CIU reaffirms that its multi-layered due diligence processes, with leading due diligence service providers and intergovernmental law enforcement agencies, remain resilient.