Churches adapting

ANGLICAN BISHOP OF BARBADOS Michael Maxwell saying St Mary’s could reach more people and become an oasis for The City. (Pictures by Nigel Browne.)

The church has to find ways to deal with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic going forward, while continuing to adhere to the protocols during worship.

This was the overarching theme coming out of Voice Of Barbados’ Sunday Brass Tacks programme on the topic How Has COVID-19 Impacted On The Church? yesterday.

The discussion, which heard pre-recorded comments from various religious leaders including the Anglican Bishop of Barbados, Michael Maxwell, and fielded questions from listeners, also concluded that Barbadians were generally compliant.

The panellists were Pastor Eliseus Joseph, Monsignor Vincent Blackett, Senator Reverend Dr John Rogers and president of the Muslim Association, Dr Abdul Mohamed. The moderator was Barry Wilkinson. 


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