Children’s Authority probes abuse video

A video post­ed to so­cial me­dia over the week­end show­ing a tod­dler be­ing phys­i­cal­ly and ver­bal­ly abused by a male rel­a­tive is be­ing in­ves­ti­gat­ed by the Chil­dren’s Au­thor­i­ty.

A Guardian Me­dia news team vis­it­ed the house in San­gre Grande where the abuse al­leged­ly oc­curred last week and spoke to neigh­bours and rel­a­tives who ex­pressed re­lief that the is­sue is get­ting at­ten­tion.

In the video, which is one minute and 18-sec­ond-long, the rel­a­tive can be heard be­rat­ing the three-year-old girl for not an­swer­ing his ques­tions about what she was eat­ing in a small bowl. The tod­dler and an­oth­er child are seat­ed on a so­fa, while the man sits on the floor. The old­er child, who Guardian Me­dia was told is sev­en-years-old, is in­struct­ed by the man to ask the tod­dler if she can speak and she tear­ful­ly com­plies.

Fifty-four sec­onds in­to the video, the man grabs the tod­dler and drags her off the so­fa. Cry­ing loud­ly, the child tries to stand but the man pulls her back down to the floor.

He de­mands that she tell him what she is eat­ing, ac­cus­ing her of “play­ing too big” for him. He al­so or­ders some­one off-cam­era to bring a rope so he can “crack she in she head.” The per­son does not ap­pear to com­ply with the re­quest.

At the one-minute mark in the video, the man hits the tod­dler on the top of her head with the bowl and the child flees in­to the arms of a fe­male rel­a­tive. The video ends with the man pur­su­ing the child and fir­ing ques­tions at her as she cow­ers in her rel­a­tive’s arms.

Rel­a­tives said the video was just a small glimpse in­to the hell­ish re­al­i­ty the young­sters en­dure.


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