Children Rewarded By Police Force

Nine Students of J.T. Ambrose Primary School were publicly recognized and commended for a good deed by the police on Friday.

The selfless, honest act of the young students earned them a certificate of commendation and a gift certificate to purchase school supplies, presented by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Albert Wade.

On May 5th, 2019 the youngsters were walking home from school, when they found a bag containing an iPhone valued over $5000 and took it to All Saints Police Station and reported the matter to the police. The police were able to trackdown the rightful owner of the mobile phone and have it returned.

Deputy Commissioner Wade, in presenting the certificates encouraged the students to continue to set good examples for their peers to follow and remain good law abiding citizens. Also in attendance at the brief ceremony were officers of the All Saints Police Station, Mr. Colin James and principal, staff and other students of J.T. Ambrose Primary School.