Children of Israel out to ‘wake up’ Bajans

Just across the water in Independence Square where slaves were auctioned about 400 years ago, a group was spreading the word yesterday to the ‘Children of Israel’ in Barbados to change their lives.

Members of the Israel United In Christ organisation were on the island, part of their mandate to go “throughout the world to wake up the people of the diaspora”.

“Our people have been scattered through slavery by the Atlantic Slave Trade, so we find where those ports are and we go back to those ports where we were made slaves and wake up our people to their true nationality,” said Captain Amaziah ben Israel.

“They aren’t Bajans, we are not Jamaicans, we are not American. We are the children of Israel; that is what God called us. So we teach them repentance by the way of the Bible, God’s Word.”


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