Change habits, ‘live longer’

Many people’s jobs are killing them slowly, says president of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados, Dr Kenneth Connell.

The physician and University of the West Indies lecturer said both employees and employers needed to make their workplaces healthier as occupational habits were contributing to shortened lifespans in Barbados.

“We spend more than 60 per cent of our week at work, which is actually a large health environment, so we need to incorporate health into work, whether it’s by making healthier food options or getting exercise at work. Some seem to think exercise has to be on a treadmill but it doesn’t have to be,” he said.

Connell was speaking to the media during a break in the second day of the three-day 2019 Human Resource Management Association of Barbados Inc. People Leadership Conference, themed Connect. Share. Grow.


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