Caution as churches reopen

MORE CHURCHES reopened their doors to the public on June 14 under COVID-19 protocols, with some leaders calling for half-hour more than the 60-minute limit for services. 

At Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness Church in St George, senior pastor Livingston Trotman said based on the square footage of the sanctuary, they could accommodate about 75 members, but only 40 turned up yesterday, up from 33 the previous week, while they continued to stream the services.

“Some members are not ready to come back out as yet. Most of them are waiting for some more restrictions to be lifted. I think a big one, and rightly so, people want to take the masks off,” he said.

He said that normally they would have two-hour services, but when things returned “to normal”, they would target an hour and a half.

At St Patrick’s Cathedral on Bay Street, The City, the second mass was held on June 14 with about 30 in attendance, after the first on the evening of June 13.  Coordinator of the Parish Pastoral Council, Allan Herbert said members had to pre-register to attend.


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