Caswell’s ‘hypocrisy’

Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw has called out what she deems as hypocrisy from those who criticise general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Toni Moore, over her decision to accept the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) candidacy in St George North.

Bradshaw, who was chairing the first meeting of the by-election campaign last night at Flat Rock, St George, took aim at Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn, who called the move a “major blow to the labour movement”. He argued at the time that workers are depending on trade union leaders to guide them through one of the country’s most difficult economic times in its history.

Bradshaw accused Franklyn of attempting to promote the doctrine of what is good for the goose not being good for the gander, noting that he is in the very same boat being the head of a trade union as well. 

“I see some hopefuls talking about Toni Moore is not a good choice, she is not from St George North and there are other people who are better suited for the job.”


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