Caswell: Workers suffering on job

Some Barbadians are suffering so much on the job they have been forced to receive professional counselling.

General secretary of the Unity Workers’ Union, Senator Caswell Franklyn, made the revelation while speaking yesterday on VOB’s Sunday Brasstacks radio programme which dealt with labour relations.

Franklyn said Barbadians, even though members of trade unions, still tend to keep things private while suffering on the job, adding it was now manifesting itself as illness.

“Last year I sent ten people to see a psychiatrist. These people were suffering because of things happening at work. The work for their [pay] rate was low, overtime wasn’t paid in some instances. But Barbadians hold it in and, as a result, we get illness and death. The problems they were having were not ones which a trade union could have dealt with. Some of our workers are dying very young,” the outspoken senator said.