Cassada Gardens Woman Died, Following House Fire

The police, along with the fire department are continuing their investigations into the circumstances which led to the death of a woman, following a house fire at Cassada Gardens.

Reports are that the Fire Department responded to a call at Holly Road, Cassada Gardens around 3 am on Wednesday, and found a 51’x42’ wooden and concrete structure ablaze.

Force had to used by the firefighters to gain access into the building to rescue the occupants.

The body of a female believed to be in her fifties was discovered laying motionless on a bedroom floor, and all efforts to resuscitate her were proven to be unsuccessful.

A 61yr old man, who was also an occupant of the house is currently receiving medical treatment at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center.

A medical doctor arrived at the scene and pronounced the body dead approximately 5:11 am.

The body was removed to Straffies Funeral Home.


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