Caribbean Court says Granger’s govt in “caretaker” mode, elections must be determined locally

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Friday ruled that it is for Guyana’s President, Opposition Leader, Parliament and the Guyana Elections Commission to determine when General elections should be held.

CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders said the constiution provides for those actors to determine the way forward.

He highlighted that while that process is underway,  President David Granger and his Cabinet has to resign, but the President and government would remain in office until general elections are held.

Justice Saunders said in the interim the Granger-led government is a “caretaker”.

Justice Saunders said the Constiution prohibits the Court from intervening on those political aspects.

He noted that the constitution provides for Parliament to extend the deadline by which General elections should be held beyond the three-month time frame.

President Granger and Opposition Leader have begun talks on the appointment of a Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission.

President Granger has said he wants a GECOM Chairman appointed soonest to advise him on when General elections are possible.


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