Caretakers told to look out for signs of abuse

Owners of elderly care facilities are being told to be on the lookout for signs of abuse.

This appeal was made by Inspector Roland Cobbler as he addressed the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Advisory Inspection Committee’s Healthy Elder Care – Our Roles and Responsibility seminar at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St Michael.

As owners were asked to do more to help this country’s ageing population, Cobbler stressed the importance of spotting neglect, financial, emotional, chemical, physical and other types of abuse.

Although he acknowledged that owners of the facilities might not be directly involved, he said it was their responsibility to investigate any reports.

“If you leave your employees to manage your operation, and if you’re out and for some reason and you come back and recognise that one of your elderly residents has an unexplained fracture or injury, don’t take it that the person just fell down or they are getting weak.


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