Calls for the hospital and the Prime Minister to be sued

The United Progressive Party candidate for St. George Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts says Sir Lester Bird Medical Center and Prime Minister Gaston Browne should be held accountable for publically divulging patient’s private medical information. Prime Minister Browne has in the past spoke about circumstances surrounding the death of people who died with Covid or from Covid related complications.

Watts says, that some of the issues are details made public by Browne are also too personal and could only come from within the walls of the hospital.

“My concern, far too often we hear the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda publically disclosing people’s personal medical records. Now these things as I said are personal and private, I am asking any lawyer out there who is willing to take up a case, and me willing to help. People out there like me who think like me, who willing to come up with the money to pay the lawyer so we can sue the Prime Minister the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, whomever, for disclosing people’s personal medical records”

He is calling on the families of those affected to take action against Prime Minister Gaston Browne