Cabinet Congratulates Minister of Housing on her graduation with an LLB Degree from Arden University

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda today congratulated the Hon. Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Renewal and Parliamentary Representative of the constituency of St. John’s Rural East, Maria Browne on the attainment of an LLB (Hons) (Bachelor of Laws) from the University of Arden in the United Kingdom.

“The Cabinet proudly recognises this accomplishment as a demonstration of her commitment to continuous education and professional development and a dedicated focus, delivering value to the people whom she represents in Parliament and those she serves in Government,” the Cabinet Statement reads.

Minister Maria Browne, the wife of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, was elected to parliament during the 2018 general elections, capturing the largest number of votes, winning in all of the 14 electoral boxes against two opposition candidates.  She also gained the most votes in the history of elections in the St. John’s Rural East Constituency (2175 votes) dating back to 1971 and won the most votes in the 2018 general elections. She is also the youngest politician to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Minister Maria Browne also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

She was supported at her graduation today at the Cathedral Church of St. Michael in Coventry, by her husband Prime Minister Gaston Browne, her son Prince and mother and father Zandra and Purcell Bird.


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