BUT not happy with school repairs

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) says not enough work is being done on the plants through Government’s school summer repair programme.

BUT president Pedro Shepherd said the union was not satisfied with the type of work carried out during the school maintenance programme, as often- times the serious and perennial issues were not addressed.

His comments followed the early closure yesterday of the Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School, Pinelands, St Michael, where he teaches.

“We would have had summer works over the past few years but summer works sometimes are contained to specific areas and I think we need to look at how we address repairs to schools and their maintenance,” he said. “Very often, we have issues at schools but when contractors come they are dealing with another issue and even if that issue is adjoining, like, for example, if a pipe is burst at one junction and there is a corrosion at another junction, the plumber looks at one junction and leaves the other.” 


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