Businesses close, protestors shot, police on ‘red alert’

First Citizens is one of several commercial entities that have shut down their Port-of-Spain offices amid protests on Tuesday.

The bank said that its Park Street Branch and the Independence Square Complex which houses the Independence Square Branch, Credit Card and Electronic Banking Centres, are temporarily closed for the remainder of the day.

It has advised customers to visit any other conveniently located branch or use the online banking and electronic services.

The protests has also resulted in the closure of some government offices and several commercial entities, including food outlets.
Thousands have been turned away from entering the city, from as far as Couva where police questioned drivers about their destination before advising them not to proceed.

No vehicles were allowed past the Maritime Flyover.

The protests followed the shooting deaths of three men by police in Second Caledonia on Saturday.

The men held their hands in the air moments before they were shot.
Police insist that one of the men, who was outisde the vehicle with his hands in the air, returned to the vehicle and pulled a gun on an officer, leading them to open fire.

The protests started early in the morning and spead across East Port-of-Spain, before spilling over into other parts of the country.

There were fiery protests by the NP Flyover, by Coconut Drive, Morvant, in Clifton Hill where a derelict vehicle and car were set afire, at Pioneer Drive, Sealots, at Belmont Valley Road on the corner of Duncan and Prince Streets (at the beginning of Laventille Road) and at the corner of Prince & Piccadilly Streets.
Protests also broke out on Nelson & Prince Street, Link Road, Malick, Observatory Street, at the corner of 6th & 7th Avenue, Barataria and Nelson & Prince Streets.

Police have raised the alert level to red.

Loud explosions were reported at the Tokyo Panyard on Pashley Street, John John & in the Beetham Area.

Video showed people bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Several areas were impassable up to this afternoon, including Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots on both the east and westbound lanes and at the Spree Simon complex in Laventille.

There was also a blockage at Pashley Street and the Beetham Highway in the vicinity of the landfill on both east and westbound lanes.


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