A five-year-old boy and his grandmother were hacked to death by her machete-wielding son, said to be of unsound mind, who went berserk at their family home here late Saturday night.

The mentally challenged man, Leon White, a 28-year-old labourer, was later fatally shot after he reportedly attacked the police with a machete in the former Trelawny parish capital.

GORDON… hacked to death by the son she always begged for

The two other deceased have been identified as 56-year-old domestic helper Esmerelda Gordon, also called Coolie and Jennifer, and her grandson, Levon Walker, five, who, like White, was of a Shearer Drive, Martha Brae, address.

According to a distraught family member, Sheila Spence, about 11:00 pm she was alarmed by blood-curdling screams coming from the house where the three lived.

Spence points to blood splattered inside young Levon Gordon’s room

Spence recounted that she rushed towards the house where the cries for mercy grew louder, before suddenly subsiding.

“I thought it was my friend beating her daughter, but when I got closer I realised that the screams were coming from her house. So I ran up and say, ‘Coolie what is the problem?’ But she didn’t answer me. So I said ‘Coolie’ again, and didn’t hear nothing,” Spence bemoaned.

“When I called the mother the last time I heard her ’round (the side of the house) begging her son mercy, don’t kill me, don’t kill me! She was calling for the little boy… ‘Jevaughn, Jevaughn’ I hear both of them crying.”

She then called the Falmouth police, whom she lauded for their quick response.

Upon their arrival, the police managed to forcibly gain entry to the house, even after White bolted the doors. Upon entering the house the police reportedly came under attacked from the machete-wielding White.

The police managed to escape injury, but White was shot during the confrontation.

Spence said the badly mutilated bodies of Gordon and her grandson were found slumped in two different rooms in the house in pools of blood.