Bruney says MOU with Linton for asset recovery ambassador does not involve any payment

Lawyer, David Bruney, has explained his role in the controversy which has arisen over the alleged sale of Dominican diplomatic passports in a documentary aired on an international TV news network, Al Jazeera.

The first 49 minutes of the 53 minute-long documentary was spent exposing alleged corrupt practices by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit in relation to the sale of diplomatic passports and in what the presenter described as a dramatic twist to the programme, the last few minutes focused on Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton.

Bruney was featured in the programme, along with the former Dominican prime minister, Oliver ‘O.J.’ Seraphin, allegedly trying to secure campaign funds on behalf of the United Workers Party (UWP) through the sale of diplomatic passports.

Bruney seems to be supporting a statement made by Seraphin in the programme which suggested that the UWP would be prepared to appoint an ambassador based on the offer of a campaign contribution if the party were to win the election.

He was reported as saying that he could speak on behalf of Linton, that Seraphin was a trusted confidant and he was 100% happy with what the former prime minister had said. He also indicated that the leader of the opposition was “comfortable” with him (Bruney).


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