Broken harvesters delay cane delivery

A breakdown of mechanical harvesters in some canefields has caused another setback for workers at Portvale factory.

Coming after the tragic death of British national Paul Clifford, who fell 70 feet through the roof of one of the factory’s buildings on March 16, and an electrical fire three days later that brought grinding to a halt, factory manager Michael Armstrong reported that for the past week, they had been receiving low quantities of cane.

He told THE NATION that as a result of some harvesters breaking down, there was a slow delivery of canes to the Blowers, St James factory.

“For us, it would be a reduction in the overall sugar that can be recovered from the entire crop,” Armstrong explained. “If it’s too dry because it was in the field for too long, by the time it reaches the factory there won’t be much juice to extract.”