Brewery At Crabbes Can Be Operational By End Of 2019

The principal of Brewtech, the firm that has agreed to reconstruct and redeem the beer factory at Crabbes, and to brew bottled and keg beer in Antigua, returned to Cabinet on Wednesday to provide an assessment of their progress.  According to the company, it has upgraded the old factory at Crabbes; it showed photos of the “before” and “after” at the site and noted that it has invested more than $3 million dollars. The eventual investment amount will approach $20 million dollars and will result in more than 35 jobs when it opens; growth in sales will lead to its expansion in subsequent years. The principal acknowledged that Antiguan investors showed no appetite for the investment in the Brewery. However, it is looking to raising another $6 million dollars to start production. An arrangement is being worked out, based on the data submitted as a result of an intensive research, to raise the investment capital to achieve the opening of the brewery. That will likely occur before the end of 2019.