Break-Ins and Larceny Trending Upwards So Far For 2019

The Police are very concerned about the upsurge in break-ins and Larceny for the first six months of 2019.

This has been stated by Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney.

According to the Acting Commissioner, with regards to larceny for the first six months of this year, four hundred and seventy-six cases  were  recorded when compared to four hundred and twenty-four  for 2018.

Mr Rodney said that in the case of break-ins, for the first six months of 2019,two hundred and fifty-one cases were recorded when compared to two hundred and ten in 2018.

“ this is an area of great concern where a number of break-ins are happening and in most cases, it may just be a cellphone or someone leaving something unattended,” the acting commissioner said.

The Acting Commissioner said that the numbers are regular and reports  about  break –ins are being made daily.

In the case of malicious damage, the Acting Commissioner of Police said that this is also  an area of concern, with one hundred and eighty-five cases recorded for the first six months when compared to one hundred and twelve  for the same period 2018.

“malicious damage is where persons break into vehicles  to steal,” mr rodney said.

To this end, the Acting Police Commissioner is urging residents to ensure that  their properties are well secured at all times and to be extra careful when parking their vehicles.


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