Bostic: Don’t drop your guard

Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic says that contrary to what is making the rounds on social media, Barbados has been doing well in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he has urged all in the country not to drop their guard.

“I leave it to the people of St George North and the people of Barbados to evaluate and determine if this Barbados Labour Party Government has not done exceedingly well in terms of monitoring the COVID pandemic,” he said while addressing a Barbados Labour Party meeting at Glebe Land, St George, on Sunday night, as campaigning heated up for the November 11 by-election in St George North.

Bostic was speaking hours after holding a press conference at which he announced that after several days of “aggressive contact tracing” connected to a case diagnosed on September 24, a cluster of COVID-19 cases was discovered among one family, including a four-month-old baby and a student of The Ellerslie School. They were in isolation at the Harrison Point facility in St Lucy.

“We have a little issue at the moment. It is not going to overwhelm us. There’s been a lot of things on social media. I read some things that suggest that the Government was closing all bars tonight, closing this and closing that,” he told the St George meeting.


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