Booster shot recipients: ‘Fine woman who brought Omicron to T&T’

Fine the woman responsible for bringing the first case of the Omicron variant in this country.

That’s the view of many people who went to get their booster shots at the Queen’s Park Savannah, in Port-of-Spain, on Tuesday.

“People have to be very careful of what they doing you see, I find if a person coming into the country and you know you have the virus why come in to jeopardise other people, Noreen Huggins said as she left the vaccination site after she received her second jab.

On Monday, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh confirmed that the University of the West Indies’ genetic sequencing team detected the variant of concern.

The infected woman was a returning local who travelled from New York via Panama on December 9.

An investigation has since been launched to determine the circumstances surrounding its importation.

“I find this should have been detected before this came into the island because she travelled not from San Fernando to Port- of- Spain but from far,” Tara, who received her Pfizer booster, shot said.

Shelvenn Sylvester said the woman’s actions were irresponsible.

“I would have fine the woman and fine the airline…remember you contaminated 14 people,” he said.

While Curtis Brown said it was not the Government’s fault.

“It slip in,” he said.

They said they were all worried about this highly transmissible variant and its discovery locally was one of the main reasons why they decided to get their booster shot.

“I just want to tell people I lost too much of friends not vaccinated,” he expressed.

He begged people with doubts to weigh their options and take the jab.

So did local athlete Susannah Joefield who said she was worried for people her age.

She got her booster for that reason and also because she has to compete in Florida next year.

“I am very scared about it because you know it going about rapidly and you’re not seeing the signs and symptoms,” she said.

Ranjeet Cheerangie said COVID-19 took one of his family members so he was not taking any chances with the Omicron variant.

Many who received their booster on day two at the Savannah said the process was smooth.


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