Boos for Rowley in PNM constituency

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was booed as he arrived for a People’s National Movement (PNM) meeting in Point Fortin on Thursday.

Police also warned a group which expressed disagreement while presen­tations were being made during the meeting, entitled “Let’s Talk Energy”.

Former Petrotrin employee Nigel White said during presentations from Minster of National Security Stuart Young and Minister of Energy Franklin Khan, he and others vocalised their disagreement with statements being made.

“While the meeting was going on, some of us had a different opinion to what was being said. We were not disturbing the meeting. It was just a matter of some of us expressing a difference of opinion. When somebody was saying, ‘Yeah’, we were saying, ‘No, untruths, cover-up’.”

White said he and about 11 former Petrotin and Trinmar workers and people from the Point Fortin area were standing in the corridor to the back of the hall at Point Fortin East Secondary school.

“We were there, being critical thinkers who understand what is taking place. We were just giving an opposite response to the people who were supporting,” White told the Express.

He said the police told him he was interrupting the political meeting and he and others were cautioned. White said the officer also told him that should he (the officer) have to return, he would be arrested.

White said he eventually left the meeting.

White said while there were those booing when Rowley arrived, he was unable to specifically pinpoint who were the people.


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