Boeing 757 flying to Canada crash lands at Guyana airport leaving six people injured

Fly Jamaica Flight OJ256 was taking off from Georgetown, in Guyana, at 2.10am when it suffered a hydraulic fault and had to come back in for landing

A Boeing 757 jet has crash-landed at Guyana airport moments after taking off, leaving six people injured.

The Fly Jamaica plane, bound for Toronto, suffered a hydraulic problem ten minutes after taking off from Georgetown airport at 2.10am and had to turn back.

But while coming into land it overshot the runway, went through a fence and ended up in a large pile of sand, tearing one of its wings and an engine off in the process.

The flight touched down at 2.53am but overshot the runway, crashing through a fence and ending up bogged down in a pile of sand

t comes two weeks after another Boeing jet crashed into the ocean off the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia, killing all 189 passengers and crew.

Moments before that crash, the pilot had reported problems with his Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft and had asked to come back to the airport.

One of the plane’s engines and a wing were ripped away by the force of the impact (pictured, the engine caught on the fence)
Six people were taken to hospital out of the 128 passengers and crew on board after the crash, though it is not known how badly they were hurt

hat included 82 Canadians, one American, 35 Guyanese, one Pakistani and one Trinidadian.

Six people suffered injuries and were taken to hospital, though it is not known how badly they were hurt.

Flight OJ256 took off at 2.10am local time, but at 2.21am the pilot put out a distress call, asking to return to the airport.

The plane touched down at 2.53am, when it overshot the runway.

A spokesman for Fly Jamaica said: ‘We can confirm that Fly Jamaica flight OJ256 bound for Toronto has returned to Georgetown with a technical problem and has suffered an accident on landing.

‘At this time, we believe that all 118 passengers and 8 crew members are safe. We are providing local assistance and will release further information as soon as it is available.’