BL&P updates public on recent black outs

The blackouts which plagued parts of the island over the past three weeks are now over.

This was the assurance was given by managing director of the Barbados Light & Power Compny Limited, Roger Blackman at a press briefing to give an update on the recent issues experienced by the island’s sole power company this afternoon.

Blackman said, “Last Friday, the second of the two generating units recently affected by fuel injection equipment issues was returned to service safely at Light & Power’s Spring Garden plant. With these units operational again, we will have sufficient generation reserves to meet customer demand without the need for support from our interruptible customers or ‘load sharing’ among the residential customers, as experienced on occasion over the last three weeks.”

“The good news today is, we have been able to repair and return both of the two affected diesel generators to service. When the gas turbine that is currently under maintenance is returned to service next week, it will bring additional reserves and flexibility.” Blackman stated


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