Billionaire Remanded In St Kitts

After an appearance in the Basseterre Magistrates Court close to 9:00 am Tuesday morning, billionaire Alkiviades David left in handcuffs and up to press time remains in police custody.

Though the media was barred from entering the court, it is understood that bail for the heir to the Coca Cola franchise, was increased to $300,000 and his bail conditions were changed due to new evidence submitted by the police.

Lawmen were seen entering and leaving the courthouse with a quantity of plants, believed to have been submitted as evidence.

The billionaire is said to be in the Federation to discuss investing in a proposed marijuana industry.

He was arrested on Thursday (May 09), days after he and several others arrived in St. Kitts on a private jet with what police described as items suspected to be cannabis.

David told reporters on Monday that he took the “rap” for everyone on the plane.

David’s arrest has grabbed international media attention.